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Contact Us, Brenkem Consultants Asia

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Head Office
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Online Enquiry Form
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Business Opportunities

You can contact Brenkem Asia Consulting by using the online forms on this website or by email.

Alternatively, you can contact any country division of Brenkem directly by calling any of the telephone numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

Brenkem Asia Consulting Co Ltd
Head Office
19/87 Soi Rewadi 64,
Muang Nonthaburi
Qingdao Wenkem Co Ltd
31B, BLock A
Shen Ye Centre
9 Shandong Road

Skype: khunkiwi

[download the Skype plug-in]

Tel: +66-2-969-1891
Tel: +86-532-8-5826800  
Fax: +66-2-969-1714
Fax: +86-532-8-5817702
Mobile: +66-1-814-1620
Mobile: +66-1-814-1620
If you could not easily find the service or product you were looking for on our website, please feel free to drop us a line, email or call us. We are more than happy to take your call.
Contact Us, Brenkem Consultants Asia
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Brenken Consultants Asia Co Ltd
Contact Us, Brenkem Consultants Asia
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Foundry Products, Brenkem
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Chemicals, Brenkem
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