Cool Zone, Cooling Applications

Cool Zone, Cooling Applications

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Man Cooling
Cool Zone, Man Cooling
In large industrial applications Cool Zone USA fog fans can be ceiling suspended or wall mounted. Any number of fans can be served high pressure water by one central pump module connected to the fans by high pressure manifold hose.

Dust Suppression
Unsurpassed dust suppression can be achieved through the proper use of ultra fine fog. Independent university studies have shown that the key to successful dust suppression is the controlled application of water droplets no larger than 10 microns, produced under high pressure.
Cool Zone, Dust Suppression

Process Cooling
Cool Zone, Process Cooling
Time is money and Cool Zone® USA systems have been used to produce dramatic results reducing cooling times for castings or other hot products.

Odor Neutralization
Cool Zone® USA's unique technology features low- cost, low- maintenance systems, including: automated operation programmable up to 24 hours; economical, non electric proportional injector accurately delivers any natural neutralizers at any required rate; no contamination of work environment even if misused; each system custom designed; and portable for quick response to off-site situations.
Cool Zone, Odor Neutralisation

Cool Zone, Promotions
Patented air aspirated fog technology makes Cool Zone USA’s Inflatable Oasis Pavilions unique portable structures to promote a Company’s product at fairs, store grand openings, sporting events, and exhibitions.

The choice of the Pros!. Our fogging systems were used at the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl. Cool Zone® was behind the benches for the National Championship winners!
Cool Zone, Sports

Specialized Applications
Cool Zone, Specialised Applications
Cool Zone® USA Greenhouse Fog system is designed with the grower and his crop in mind. The use of variable nozzles gives one the ability to control the density of the atmosphere at crop height by adjusting the direction of the fog.
Cool Zone, Commercial
Cool Zone, Residential
Residential Cooling
Commercial Cooling
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Cool Zone, Cooling Applications
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Cool Zone, Cooling Applications
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