Rubber Tyres from from China

Rubber Tires from from China

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New OTR Tires and OTR Tyres

OTR Tyres, Mining Tyres

OTR bias, OTR radial OTR 24.00 - 57.00

Tread Pattern E3, E4, L5, L5S Cat 992G, 988 Tyre, Komatsu 600 Tyre, Cat Scraper 631, pressed steel rims LTand trailer.

Brenkem is pleased to advise that it can now offer a wide range of DOT and EN approved tires for cars, trucks, motor cycle, agricultural, OTR and trailers.

These tires manufactured in ISO 2002 qualified plants, come in bias ply, radial, steel belted, and full steel construction. You can use our brand names or we can produce to your specification using your brand.

• Rubber Tires made in China. ISO9002 certified factories

• Steel Belted Full Steel Tires for all automotive applications

• Radial and Bias Ply car, truck, motorcycle, and OTR tires

• Quality DOT/ESE approved tires from China

• Rubber Tires and Rubber Tyres from Brenkem
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Rubber Tires and Tyres from China
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