Cool Zone, Cooling Systems, Coolzone

Cool Zone, Cooling Systems, Coolzone

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"Cool Zone" is a name that is synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. We are the manufacturers of the highest quality cooling systems on the market today. All our systems are designed and engineered for your specific requirements. Utilizing only the highest quality equipment, our skilled staff ensures that all our products achieve the highest level of craftsmanship.

Cool Zone USA is changing the way factories, plants, greenhouses, livestock facilities... even refuse transfer stations do business. Using Cool Zone's proprietary WORK ZONE units and static line high-pressure, air aspirated fogging systems, leading companies worldwide are finding the perfect environment to maximize productivity and increase profits. Cool Zone systems are easy to install, inexpensive to operate, and are the most efficient method for achieving environmental control in large, open manufacturing and related facilities.


Cool Zone USA's patented air aspirated fogging technology incorporates a high-pressure (1,000psi) pumping module and a impeller driven fog nozzle to produce droplets of water 10 microns or smaller. As the water droplets "flash evaporate", they pick up heat from the air, significantly dropping temperature - up to 35°F - without wetting the area to be cooled in dusty areas Cool Zone fans will also suppress dust to improve a worker's environment.


Cool Zone USA has been the leader and innovator in the fog fan industry since its beginnings on the sidelines of the NFL. We offer system design and engineering to ensure best possible solution for your requirement. Our personnel are highly trained, motivated and dedicated to customer service. All of our equipment is assembled and fully tested in our manufacturing facility prior to distribution and offers a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects.
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