Import & Export Services, China

Import & Export Services, China

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Brenkem, China Consulting
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Brenkem, China Consulting
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Import/Export is one of the cornerstones of Brenkem's business. As such, we have a highly skilled team of professionals whose attention to detail and knowledge of the many documentary requirements involved in these processes, virtually eliminates delays and errors caused by incomplete procedures.

We also have online facilities to all the various local and central governmental departments involved in import and export, ensuring we can expedite inbound and export shipments efficiently.

Brenkem's reputation has been built on prompt, courteous and professional service.

China Feasibility Studies

Brenkem also undertakes product/project evaluation and feasibility studies for companies wishing to position products in the domestic market in China, or produce products for subsequent export from China to international markets.

Contact us today to find out more about any of these China Consulting and China Import & Export Services.

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Keep up to date with what's what today in China regarding import and export opportunities.
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Import & Export Services, China
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