Consulting China, Brenkem

Consulting China, Brenkem

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Brenkem, China Consulting
China Consulting
Brenkem, China Import & Export
China Import & Export
Our company in China, which is fully foreign owned, is registered in a Special Free Trade Zone in Qingdao. As such, we are accorded special privileges and preferential treatment by the both the local and central governments in China.

The Brenkem team has built up a high level of rapport with the various government agencies and departments involved. This results in a smooth, orderly and professional decision making process when project evaluations, customs tariffs etc., come into play.

Bonded Warehouse
Brenkem Bonded Warehouse We are able to operate a customs bonded warehouse thus ensuring that products can be delivered to customers efficiently. Delays due to government bureau requirements are minimized.

Product Trials & Market Surveys
Brenkem offers potential buyers a platform from which to explore product availability in China. Extensive multilevel contacts, particularly in Shandong Province, North East China, within both government and industry, enable Brenkem to provide rapid response to customer enquiries.

Brenkem undertake, market surveys, test market, product trials, toll production, product registration and feasibility studies for foreign companies wanting to compete and position their products in the vast domestic market in China. We have graduates in international business who have the skills and contacts to assist you successfully position your products in the market in China.

Direct Dialogue
Brenkem bases its activities on open relationships between buyers and producers. Brenkem encourages direct dialogue so that both parties may develop a clear understanding of each other's needs. This leads to long term relationships which are mutually beneficial.

Joint Ventures
We can locate potential joint venture partners, toll/contract producers and various other services which allow you to enter the markets in China in a timely and professional manner.

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Brenkem offer a wide range of professional consulting services, assisting your business in China.
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