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Powerful antioxidant for processed foods Natural preservative Natural antioxidant GRAS/FDA approved Halal approved Kosher approved Made from natural raw material Technical support Prevent discoloration No off odours Quinone reduction Oxygen scavenging

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Sodium Erythorbate

Sodium Erythorbate is a powerful preservative/antioxidant engineered for use in but not limited to, stabilizing prepared food products including processed meats, sausages, canned food, jams etc etc. It can also be applied via dipping/spraying to fresh fish, and other aquatic products.

The product we offer is GRAS FDA approved, and holds Kosher and Halal approvals.

Sodium Erythorbate is produced from natural raw materials with the final reaction being via fermentation of Glucose.

We have been asked to assist in appointing professional distributors/ resellers in international markets, the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in or already active in the food ingredient / additive businesses. In the first instance, please email

Following your enquiries, we are happy to forward you samples, product literature and copies of the approvals we currently have in place.

We look forward to hearing from you and our team of experienced international sales correspondents will attend to your every need.

Sodium Erythorbate - powerful antioxidant for processed foods, Natural preservative, Natural antioxidant, GRAS/FDA approved, Halal approved, Kosher approved, Made from natural raw material, Technical support, Prevent discoloration, No off odours, Quinone reduction, Oxygen scavenging.
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Sodium Erythorbate
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