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This is the page where we will highlight recent developments within our business so you may want to bookmark it to keep up-to-date with the latest developments at Brenkem.



MARCH 2016 - Brenkem now supplies Sodium Erythorbate...

Sodium Erythorbate is a powerful preservative/antioxidant engineered for use in but not limited to, stabilizing prepared food products including processed meats, sausages, canned food, jams etc etc. It can also be applied via dipping/spraying to fresh fish, And other aquatic products.

Sodium Erythorbate is a powerful preservative/antioxidant engineered for use in but not limited to, stabilizing prepared food products including processed meats, sausages, canned food, jams etc etc. It can also be applied via dipping/spraying to fresh fish, And other aquatic products.

Click here for more information.

Brenkem is pleased to announce that we have been appointed master agents in Asia for Soluclean, please read on...

Brenkem is pleased to announce that we have been appointed master agents in Asia Soluclean please read on...

Soluclean® is an eco-friendly and easy to use range of pre-dosed concentrated surface cleaning products encapsulated in fully water-soluble sachets.

The Soluclean range covers virtually every aspect of the everyday cleaning needs for today’s demanding professional, saving money, time and waste without compromising on high standards of cleanliness and infection prevention.

When working with traditional chemicals the biggest problem is getting the dose just right. Too little and you might not be cleaning effectively, whereas too much and you may as well pour money down the drain; Soluclean sachets solve that problem.

The sachets are user friendly, time saving, cost effective, space saving and can be used in trigger spray bottles, mop buckets and scrubber driers for cleaning all surfaces.

All the cleaning products in the range are fully biodegradable and phosphate free.

We are seeking to appoint distributors in each country in the Asian Region.

Please contact us for additional information

We can now offer a range of high quality wine from one of New Zealand’s leading vineyards, Coopers Creek. Our brand, “Lone Kauri” consists of a range of premium white and red wine, selected for their excellence in appearance, appeal and presentation. These well balanced wines combine well with most Chinese dishes. The wine is available from our temperature controlled inventory held in Qingdao, China.

New Zealand is well known for its pristine outdoors and optimum climate both of which enhance the production of premium vintages under the careful management of well qualified and experienced winemakers who live on site and tend the vines throughout the complete process.

We welcome enquiries from hotels, restaurants and institutions in Shandong Province who seek to enhance their reputation by providing their diners with superb wine to enhance their dining experience. We can provide tasting notes and presentations tailored to suit the overall environment.

We also offer gift packs, labelled in crafted to your own specification… These are ideal for Chinese New Year, Spring and Autumn Festivals or to mark some specific occasion.

Please contact us at:

We continue to export these products to international clients all over the world. We continue to enhance personalised customer service and provide pricing in real time. Our market share continues to grow as we seek innovative solutions to meet customer specific requirements in a timely and professional manner.

We can now supply Iron Ore mined in South East Asia for the Iron and steel industries in Northern Asia... Please email us for details


Brenkem has begun supplying Natural Rubber produced in Thailand to international customers... We can supply NR, STR, RSS,Latex Concentrate, and Air Dried Sheets. Specifications and prices are available on request.

We can also supply moulded rubber components for electronic, electric, foot ware, industrial, automotive, construction and medical industries.

We are pleased to announce we can now offer OTR/Mining Tyres produced in a new state of the Art plant in China.

Foreign technology including design/rubber compounding and process have all be used to ensure that these Tyres are built to exacting standards. They have been extensively tested in Mines in the USA to ensure that they comply with the stringent safety and performance that that market demands. 

Sizes vary from 27.00 to 40.00. Standard Tread patterns are E3, E4, L5, L5S.

As part of our ongoing expansion we are also now able to offer pressed steel, powder coated rims for truck and trailer applications... We can supply separately or already mounted with tyres and valves of your choice.

We welcome your enquiries for these new products and assure you of our prompt and courteous attention.

The ITC final determination ruled that dumping duty should be applied to THFA produced in China and exported to the USA . The vote was split 50:50 by the commissioners hearing the Case. Net result is that domestic THFA prices increased across the board in the USA as there is no longer any competition. The largest domestic user, who supported the Chinese position has formulated away from THFA so that the Petitioner, Penn Specialty Chemicals, has not increased sales volume.

Wenkem are actively seeking distributors for THFA in Europe . Please Contact Us for further information.


Brenkem is pleased to advise that it can now offer a wide range of DOT and EN approved tyres for cars, trucks, motor cycle, agricultural/OTR and trailers. These tyres manufactured in ISO 9002 qualified plants , come in bias ply, radial, steel belted, and full steel construction. You can use our brand names or we can produce to your specification using your brand. We also offer an extensive range of rubber conveyor belting for industrial use.

More details here or please Contact Us for further information.

Wenkem continues to develop and expand sales of iron, steel and aluminium castings in international markets. We have additional engineering staff and out pattern shop has been enlarged to ensure new and existing customers receive prompt, competitive and professional service. We welcome enquiries for custom casting.


We are now able to offer, fresh, dried and canned fruit and vegetables, grown in Shandong Province in China. Products include
apples, pineapple, mix fruit, nuts, onions, garlic, ginger, various greens, etc. We have low temperature drying facilities and a modern, government approved processing/packing plant. Please ask for details.

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